Apsara Dinner Show

Apsara Dinner Show

Only US$12 Per Person

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Activities Detail

Enjoy Khmer great unique Buffé Resutaurent in Cambodia with vary menus.  

18.30 hrs. Pick up from the Hotel in SIEM REAP (Drop off will charge at US$3)
19.00 hrs. Arrive Restaurant
19.30 hrs. Show Start with Buffet
20.30 hrs. Show Finish

Buffet Vegetarian Food

01.    Grilled Egg Plan
02.    Onion Ring    
03.    Garlic Bread
04.    Salad Bar          
05.    Mixed Salad
06.    Coconut Spice Cake
07.    Vegetable Tempura
08.    Vegetable On Stick

Khmer Food

01.    Chicken and vermicelli salad
02.    Fish braised
03.    Fish Amok
04.    Fried pork with ginger         
05.    Mango salad with pork
06.    Lab beef
07.    Chicken curry soup
08.    Fried chicken with seasame

Chiness Food 

01.    Fried beam curd with bean sprout
02.    Steamed pork rib
03.    Fried fish rid with sweet and sour sauce
04.    Fried vegetable          
05.    Fried rice
06.    Choy sum with oyster sauce
07.    Chicken soup with green cabbage

Western Food

01.    Red chicken
02.    Mixed salad
03.    Beef Stew
04.    Fried beef with leek
05.    Fruit salad
06.    Pumpkin cream soup
07.    Canapi         
08.    Grilled tomatoes
09.    Chicken on stick
10.    Vegetable on stick
11.    Beef on stick
12.    Fish on stick

Khmer Dessert and Fresh Fruit


01.    Banana with milk coconut
0 2.    sweet bean soup
0 3.    Banchanerk cake
04.    Grass Yelly
05.    Fried banana with sugar         
06.    Savice cake
07.    Pineapple fruit
08.    Orange fruit
0 9.    Dragon fruit
10.    Papaya fruit

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